December 2022 : Jazz Guitar Cover

About 3 years ago, I have decided to start spending some time learning Jazz classics.

Take Five by The Dave Brubeck Quartet is definitely the track that triggered that journey. I am completely under the spell of that beautiful tune and especially the Paul Desmond melodies.

I took the time to learn the complete saxophone solo from Paul Desmond with my guitar. 

Tell me what you think!

November 2018 : LFO EP

LFO is the acronym of "Low Frequency Oscillator", a typical component of analog synthesizers. That's usually where the magic happens. So this EP is all about analog synthesizers. These tracks directly result from these sweet evenings jamming with mine...

April 2018 : Ambient jam with my Nyx

I captured this little improvisation last night.


I'm discovering my Dreadbox Nyx, and I really love how it always takes me in unsuspected sonic adventures. The interface and architecture is quite unusual and I think I like that !

That, plus its awesome oscillators and filter :) 


I use my Moog Slim Phatty for the bass and my Elektron Analog Keys for the pad. 
Download the mp3 here :


October 2016 : Late night jam

Late night jam with my new setup, it was really pleasing :) I just programmed a very simple beat and recorded three chords on the Novation Circuit, then started jamming right away. The Circuit is sending midi into the Moog Slim Phatty and the Elektron Analog Keys, The audio from all three is routed in the mixer. I hope you'll like this. Give me some feedback! Download the mp3 here:

July 2016 : The Night

I had fun doing this video for my new Single "The Night". I used some old videos from the 1940s and the 1950s. that I found in the Prelinger archive:

If you like it, you can stream it on Spotify, Deezer or Tidal, and download the mp3!
I hope you'll enjoy this ;-)

April 2016 : That perfect moment

When NASA published this huge archive of high-res photos from the APOLLO 7 to 17 missions in the public domain, I spent quite some time watching these, and I was quite fascinated by the power and the meaning of many of these clichés. Whatever one can think about NASA and USA, the simple fact that humans went into space in these kind of cans (spaceships) is blowing my mind. On top of this, earth and moon photos are just beautiful. 


So I decided to spent many evenings selecting some of these photos, to rework and assemble these in some kind of animated movie. I built this movie on my track "That perfect moment", first track of my new album "Analog Wave", just to remind you that you can download my album for free or stream it on SounCloud, Spotify, Deezer or Tidal! ;-)

November 2015 : Serendipity

Here it is, the official Serendipity EP video clip. One wonderful shooting day and 4 talented dancers, directed by my friend Morning FrostWe can't wait to hear your feedback. Check it, Like it, and Share it! 

December 2014: Timewarp Taxi

Here is the video for my track Timewarp Taxi that was projected at local short-movie festival. Some kind of hypnotic screensaver to watch in HD. Tell me what you think!

January 2014: Always Now (timelapse video)

Take a look through my window, the sunrise is usually beautiful in autumn! During two month, I have used my new Gopro Hero3 camera to shoot that view once every second, and create timelapse videos. 

I have then assembled the videos to dress my new track 'Always Now'. That track is the first track of my new bandcamp album 'Dawn'. You can download this track for free on my facebook page and the album for free (or name your price if you want to support me) on bandcamp.

Please share it with your friends if you like it!

December 2012: Le Dirigeable Fantastique

This short-movie project is a collaboration between three artists:

  • lucky one (Belgium): Musician & electronic music producer
  • Milkyway Outcast (Portugal): Musician & electronic music producer
  • Unsonic (Belgium): Musician, sound engineer & Director

The idea was to revisit a classic of early cinema and compose a music to dress this classic. Our choice was quickly focused on Georges Méliès and his short film "Le Dirigeable Fantastique". Our goal was to create something that brings the magic of old movies, and the intensity of electronic music, while using 'timeless' sounds to make the link between the two.

"Le Dirigeable Fantastique" by Georges Méliès is a silent film released in 1906. This 3-minute short film is black and white, and hand-colored. In his workshop, an inventor rejoices to have created the 'ultimate' airship. The inventor falls asleep and follows a disturbing dream populated by nymphs, sirens and demons, where his airship 'shows' itself in a different light ...


Download the mp3 here

September 2012 - Moog Experiment

This track features my new (and beloved) Moog Slim Phatty, an analog monophonic synthesizer. I love that machine, its diversity of sounds, and the life created by its analog technology. That beast has to be handled with care as it can start screaming right away, I love that!


Download the mp3 here!

May 2012 - Nowonderland

I had fun one evening doing some basic video editing of some visualization plugin shoot. The track is a collaboration I did with the awesome UK-based Electro producer Memly. Better watch full screen and listen with a good sound-system, hope you'll enjoy!


Download the mp3 here!

December 2011 - Memories unofficial video

The other day, when browsing the web, I found that a visual artist did an unoffical video for my track Memories. The result is awesome. The video gives a whole new dimension to my track, and I really love how he did translate the track feelings into images :-)


Download the mp3 here!

That guy, Originalfakeism, is really talented! It's really worth visiting his youtube channel or his facebook page!





November 2010 - live @Inside Out

Videos from my live performance at the Wunderbar Sunset "Back on Track" event @Inside Out, Liège.


It was a great first live performance for me that day: Big sound, good audience and very good feedback after the show on the sound, music and visuals. Really a great time for me, it was fun!

August 2010 - Bird bass Car crash - Micro Liveset

I composed this song (Bird bass Car crash) one year ago and I'm now trying to perform it live with Ableton and my Novation controllers. I's the very beginning of this phase and my goal is to master a 10 songs liveset in a few month.

February 2010 - Oniric Shift Distortions

I have recorded the video below just after the acquisition of very nice midi controllers:


  • Novation remoteSL Compact: to play melodies and control Live effects
  • Novation Launchpad: to launch loops, effects and control Live


I intend to use these in my future live performances, such a fun to play with these excellent pieces of technology :-)