New Album - Cloud War

New album "Cloud War"; 11 tracks of Instrumental electronic atmospheric music with a lot of guitars,
it's available on all platforms: enjoy! check it out here!

Cosmic Core Volume IV

I’m part of an online community of electronic music producers (initially using mainly ableton), and we have started releasing a compilation on a regular basis. It's a real community work as members are participating as they can, I did the album mastering and publishing, Senthrax did the cover art and website, K37 the track ordering, Damon Breakz the project lead and chasing, …


We have just finalized our 6th compilation, Cosmic Core Volume IV, featuring 15 artists from around the world (Belgium, Belarus, France, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, Brazil, Ukraine, USA…), and including a new track from our original ableton guru Tom Cosm!


Listen and download Cosmic Core Volume IV here:

My track is number 3, check it out and don’t hesitate share this very cool project

Elise Trouw - HTGWYW (lucky one Remix)

The Wonderful Singer/Drummer Elise Trouw offered to remix her latest single HTGWYW, such a great news! I just loved to work with her pretty voice and dynamic drums to build my own remix.


Elise Trouw : song, drums and vocals

lucky one : remix, bass, synth and guitars


Enjoy, and tell me what you think !

Listen and download on SoundCloud, and check the other lucky one remixes:

Free Clean HX Stomp preset + IR

This is clearly the best tone I built on my HX Stomp and I love to play with it on a daily basis.

I called it Blues Crunch, but it's not really that Blues and it's more clean that crunch, but who cares?

I also used it on in the track below and I think it sounds awesome with my new Jazzmaster guitar:

Download this HX Stomp preset + IR here for free and tell me what you think! Enjoy ;-)


I am using 6 blocks in this HX Stomp presets including a wonderful IR I found on the Helix forum (JOOSTALNICO-G12M-R121-U67.wav). The sound is so natural with that IR (Impulse Response), I can use it as is in my recordings, just awesome!

New Single : Azure trail

New Single Azure Trail, now available on SpotifyDeezerBandcampSoundCloudGoogle or



I did the video using Blender, awesome free 3D modeling software.

This track is the first one featuring my awesome new JazzMaster guitar. I just love the sound of this awesome instrument, so inspiring, it's just pure magic ;-)

New Single - Fever

My latest track "Fever" is now available on all platforms, including SpotifyDeezer ,iTunesGoogle PlayAmazonBandcamp and SoundCloud !


This track is about love, emotions and nostalgia. First track with my new analog Synthesizer, the Dreadbox Nyx. Paired with my Moog Slim Phatty, it sounds absolutely delicious to my ears, especially on the second part of the first chorus ! :)



Three new lucky one EPs

I released three new EPs in the last 6 month.

I finalized the productions of the last two years in three different albums with quite different genres:

  • In the Air (2019) : 3 tracks, downtempo and Jazzy, carefully crafted beats, sounds and harmonies
  • LFO (2018) : 3 tracks, raw analog chillout, spontaneous improvisations captured in this EP
  • Booty Shaking (2018) : 2 tracks, electro-pop and catchy melodies


Free Sampled Neutron Wobble Bass

I sampled my new Behringer Neutron to create this free Analog Wobble Bass VST.

I sampled each note, from C1 to C6 to make this Ableton Simpler instrument. 

The Ableton Live 10 Simpler vst and the original wav file are available for free here

Wobble Bass [Behringer Neutron] + Patch Sheet

I did a nice Wobble Bass patch with my new Behringer Neutron. The Behringer Neutron is an awesome semi-modular analog synth, and it sounds awesome for bass sounds...


I did a Patch Sheet to share this sound with you!

Free sampled Moog Analog Bass

I have built a deep and dark bass sound on my Moog Slim Phatty the other day, so I decided to sample it and create this phat analog bass instrument. 


I sampled every note from C1 to C6 to create this Ableton Live instrument. This Simpler instrument is compatible with Ableton Live 9 (and above) Standard and Suite.


Just contact me to get the Ableton projector the wav samples!