Lucky One feat. Steph Wunderbar

Serendipity EP - 12 November 2015


This 3 tracks EP is the second collaboration between the Belgian producer lucky one and the Belgian DJ Steph Wunderbar. Their first EP Your Eyes was published in 2013 on the German label Tales from the Inside.

lucky one creates smooth and melodic electronica, he is a true sound geek and an accomplished musician who has been playing the guitar for 25 years and producing electronic music for over 10 years.  

Steph Wunderbar is an electronic DJ and artist in the Belgium music scene since 2009. She has been a radio host and resident DJ for belgian radios. She like to play electronic music from Berlin. 

In this collaboration, lucky one creates and produces the music, then Steph Wunderbar writes the lyrics and lay her classy french voice on the tracks as spoken words. When these two are working together, something special truly happens, and their tracks are telling smooth, emotional and melancholic stories.

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