Lucky One feat. Steph Wunderbar

Your Eyes EP - 23 August 2013

Lucky One’s music cannot be assigned to a specific genre. His in-depth knowledge about playing the guitar and the combination of natural tones with electronic elements result in a unique signature sound. Steph Wunderbar is an electronic DJ and artist in the Belgium music scene since 2009. She was a radio host for Radio Campus, Brussels and a resident DJ for Warm FM, Liège.

The two artists have collaborated to create a very special EP. Two tracks where each of them tells quite a different love story:

The EP’s title track Your Eyes creates an intimate mood. Steph Wunderbar’s words, layered over a mysterious soundscape. A dense atmosphere, probably a first encounter of two people in a bar. Questions, answered by musical patterns. What really happens is only insinuated. Is this a flirt? A rejection? Everything remains open for interpretation.

Not The End is maybe the counterpart of the first track. Again, it’s a spoken word that is both contrasted and pursued by the music. This time, however, it is a breakup scene of two lovers but closing with a hint of hope.

This EP is clearly not the end for Lucky One and Steph Wunderbar. It is not only their first release on Tales From The Inside but also the first public result of their collaboration.

Check their second EP Serendipity, released in 2015 here.

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